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The night rating is the perfect next step after gaining the PPL and is a must for those short winter days so you can return safely to your home airfield. Once you have qualified there are no renewal or re-validation requirements. Furthermore, there is no test at the culmination of the training course (having said that, Flight Safety dictates that if you have not flown at night for some time a dual flight with a night qualified instructor would be prudent).

For those embarking on Commercial Flight Training the night rating is a mandatory qualification to achieve before embarking on your CPL/IR.

The Night Rating course will build on the skills you learnt as part of your PPL and adapt them for use in the hours of darkness. Night flying is a unique experience, and few things compare to navigating over the darkened countryside and brilliantly illuminated cities before arriving at your destination and lining up for final approach to see the runway lights laid out before you guiding you to a safe landing.

The night rating can form part of your PPL course or add it on after licence issue.
You will receive the highest standard of training delivered in a relaxed, friendly manner by our flight instructors who will adjust their training styles to your own particular needs in a professional and effective manner to assist you to complete your pilot training in a stress free, positive environment.
Grob at Night


  • 5 hours training in a Cessna 152, Grob G115 Tutor or Piper Warrior
  • 5 hours ground training

Course Breakdown:

  • Basics of night flying
  • Night Circuit flying and emergencies
  • Navigation at night
  • 5 solo takeoffs and full-stop landings


  • Prior to course completion, you must have started navigation during your PPL course

Fee includes: Flight School amenities, all landing and touch & go fees at home airport.
Not included: Night sortie fees and course materials are not included.