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Instrument Rating (Restricted)

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Overview: Instrument Rating (Restricted)

The Instrument Rating (Restricted), formally the UK Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating, allows the holder to operate under IFR in certain classes of airspace and to fly instrument approach procedures. The IR(R) is limited to use in the UK only and has more restricted privileges than an Instrument Rating

Not only does it provide you with more options, should you get caught out by the British weather, but it will also improve your general flying skills. It can also allow you to operate more safely on days with marginal weather, when other VFR traffic may be concentrated at lower levels.

The IR(R) will also teach you majority of the skills required for the Instrument Rating from a really early stage of your aviation career and lends itself perfectly to the Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR) when the experience is gained.
Flying above the cloud - Instrument Rating


  • 15 hours instrument training
  • 20 hours ground school

Course Breakdown:

  • Basic instrument flying
  • Applied instrument flying
  • Physiological Effects
  • Instruments
  • Aeronautical information and Flight Planning
  • Privileges of the IR(R)


  • 25 hours total experience following PPL(A) issue - The course can be included in this experience
  • 10 hour PIC with 5 hours cross country
  • A valid Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence

Fee includes: Flight School amenities, all landing and touch & go fees at home airport, Radio Navigation textbook and Hold Entry Computer.
Not Included: Theory and practical test and test fees, any additional course materials.