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Here at Air Midwest we utilise the Cessna 152 (2 Seater), Grob G115 Tutor (2 seater) and The Piper Warrior (4 seater) to train our students for the Private Pilot Licence.
The G115 Tutor with its responsive handling is used by the Royal Air Force for training military pilots, and the Piper Warrior is the accepted gold standard pilot training platform used all around the world due to its unrivalled stability and docile handling characteristics, perfectly suited to the new trainee pilot. All of our aircraft possess virtues to compliment individual pilot’s requirements. Here at Air Midwest we will help you choose the right training platform for you.

You will receive the highest standard of training delivered in a relaxed, friendly manner by our flight instructors who will adjust their training styles to your own particular needs in a professional and effective manner to assist you to complete your Pilot training in a stress free, positive environment.

Grob over an Island


  • 45 hours (minimum) training in a Cessna 152, Grob G115 Tutor or Piper Warrior.
  • This includes a Minimum 10 hours solo flying.
  • Course can be undertaken in 4-6 weeks intensively or part time as required.

Course Breakdown:

  • Basics of flying
  • Circuit flying and emergencies
  • Advanced flying
  • Navigation
  • 9 Theory exams consisting of:
    • Aviation Law, Operational Procedures, Human Factors
    • Meteorology, Navigation, Flight Performance and Planning
    • Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight and Communications


  • Class 2 medical certificate required prior to first solo flight.
  • Minimum age
    • To start: 14
    • To go solo: 16
    • Licence Issue: 17

Fee includes: Flight School amenities, all landing and touch & go fees at home airport.
Not included: Course materials, Radio Telephony course and exam, Theory exams, 2.5 hour test and test fee.