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Flight Instructor (Restricted) Certificate

The Flight Instructor (FI) course can be the first step to becoming a professional Pilot for reward. the FI course is one of the most enriching courses you can undertake and here at Air Midwest the course is delivered by one of the leaders in the field of FI training in the UK, Captain Chris Caine. Chris is supported in the role by our CFI Captain Rick Mayall. We belive the training you will receave at AIr Midwest will be second to none and set the ideal standard for anyone looking to embark on a career as a Flight Instructor.

The FI(R) course requires the applicant to have either a CPL, or a PPL with more than 200 hours total time, including 150 hours in command and passes in at least the CPL or ATPL theory examinations of you wish to teach full PPL(A). CPL/ATPL knowledge is NOT required if you wish only to instruct on LAPL courses. In addition to this, the pilot must have at least 30 hours on the class of aircraft on which the course is to be taken, and of these, five must be within the preceding six months.

The course consists of 30 hours of flight instruction with an approved FIC Instructor (up to 5 of these may be flown as mutual time with another Flight Instructor student), and at least 125 hours of groundschool. Upon completion of the course, an assessment of competence must be taken with an approved Flight Instructor Examiner, usually from our base airfield.

The supervisory restriction can be lifted once the instructor has completed at least 100 hours of flight instruction, and has authorised 25 student solo flights.

FI Night Instruction Privileges

To allow the FI to teach for the night rating, the privilege must be endorsed on the FI’s instructor certificate. The course can be completed while the supervisory restriction is still in place.

The course requires a training flight at night with one of our approved FIC Instructor's, and two hours of groundschool. Upon completion, a recommendation is required for the addition of night instruction privileges.

The night instruction training can be integrated into the Flight Instructor (Restricted) training course, subject to operational limitations.

Pre Course Requirements 

  • Hold an EASA CPL(A) or PPL(A)
  • Passed CPL/ATPL theory exams
  • 200 hours total flight time
  • 150 hours PIC
  • 30 hours SEP (minimum)
  • 5 hours in the 6 months preceding course start date
  • Completed a 300nm qualifying cross-country
  • 10 hours IF (maximum 5 hours in a simulator)
  • 20 hours VFR PIC in SEP aircraft

Flight instruction can be carried out on the aircraft of your choice, either Grob G115, T67 Firefly or PA28 Piper Warrior. The Spinning aspect of the course will be undertaken in a full aerobatic T67 Firefly, or a Cessna 152 if required.

The ground school comprises 125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction. During this time a student instructor will refresh their theoretical knowledge and learn how to teach, prepare and give technical lectures and conduct pre-flight briefs.

In Simple terms the training comprises of :-

  • 125 hours ground instruction
  • 24 hours minimum of dual instruction in the Warrior
  • 1 hours minimum of dual instruction (Spinning) in the T67 Firefly or Cessna 152
  • 5 hours mutual instruction in the Grob G115, Warrior or T67 Firefly