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Aerobatic Training

This course covers the learning of the basic aerobatic manoeuvres required to take part in beginners events organised by the British Aerobatic Association (BAeA). The course consists of a minimum of eight hours dual flying with an instructor who is qualified to give aerobatic instruction (Pilots who already have some aerobatic experience may qualify for a reduction in the flying requirements of this course).

The theoretical knowledge section of the course will consist of a minimum of eight hours in the classroom. Four hours of briefings/lectures must be given by a person qualified to instruct in aerobatic flying and the remaining hours may be carried out through self study under supervision.


The aerobatic manoeuvres taught are:

  • Loop
  • Aileron (Ballistic) Roll
  • Barrel Roll
  • Slow (level) Roll
  • Stall Turn
  • Half roll off the top of a Loop
  • Half Cuban Eight (rolling on down line) or
  • Half Loop up, half Barrel Roll down (Quarter Clover rolling downwards)

In the build-up to the competency test sequence, students should learn to fly combinations of two or three or these basic aerobatic manoeuvres.

Here at Air Midwest our Aerobatics training is conducted by our CFI Rick Mayall who has 30,000+ flying hours to his name including Flight Instruction, Aerobatics alongside his Jet hours in the airlines including his current role flying the Boeing 787 for Virgin Atlantic.