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The Air Midwest fleet has been carefully selected to provide the best experience for our students and for those who have their licenses.

The Training Fleet

Grob 115 Tutor Mk1

We use the Grob Tutor as the primary aircraft for basic training. Its agile and precise characteristics make it perfect for basic training and the RAF’s aircraft of choice!

AM Fleet - Grob 115 Tutor Mk1 - G-GPSR flyby

The Advanced Aircraft Fleet

T67 Firefly

The T67 Firefly is our advanced training and Aerobatic aircraft. The Firefly has been used by the RAF and the USAF to train its Pilots and our aircraft G-BUUL is an ex-RAF aircraft itself.

AM Fleet - Piper PA28R Arrow

Piper PA28R Arrow

The Piper Arrow is the perfect aircraft to start going places! Its cockpit and flight characteristic akin to the Piper Warrior make it a perfect touring aircraft. The Arrow is Fully IFR and is equipped with a Garmin 530 navigation suite.

AM Fleet - Piper PA28R Arrow